Floral Vibes

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Flowers are a magical part of reality. It seems like a gift to be able to gaze upon the beauty of earthly blooms, from the tiniest weeds in a lawn, I do not discriminate and take the time to admire. Even better is to lean in and be intoxicated by the sweetest of aromas. However abundant roses are and sometimes dismissed as such, some hold the most provocative of scents. Here's a list of our favorite naturally, rose scented products that nourish the senses and the skin and keep you smelling like a bouquet all day! xoxo

- Pacifica Persian Rose Candle here

- Pirouette Rose Musk Roll-on here ("Heart of Wisdom" aromatherapy. Goes on strong, but the scent is so calming throughout the day, Good for layering.)

- Pacifica Persian Rose Parfume here

- Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant here

- Andalou 1000 Roses here So far love the products I've tried in this line. Currently using the Body Lotion, Rosewater Mask and Moroccan Beauty Oil, which is great for skin, hair and nails).